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RAGNA(Rajiv Gandhi National Acedemy of Poitical education is a non political institute & the basic goal is to impart political education in the youth & build awareness on political scenario,create patriotism & build the future generation to face challenges to our nation.

Our committee



Shri Oscar Fernandes - Chief Patron


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Shri Ramanath Rai - Patron

Karnataka Minister For Forest, Ecology & Environment



Shri Vinaykumar Sorake - Patron

Karnataka Minister For Urban Development



Shri Ashok Kumar Kodavoor- Secretaryashok

Our Services

RAGNA(Rajiv Gandhi National Acedemy of Poitical education is involved in lot of socio cultutral activities.Conducting various programs,compeittions,training programs for youth in the state of karnataka & has been front runner in enhancing the political awareness in the Districts of Karnataka

Our Portal offers over 55000 materials,books,literatures in the field of Politics,education,careeer,lifestyle,woemn & family welfare,entertainment,quiz programs etc

Our Portal offers over 55000 materials,books,literatures in the field of Politics,education,careeer,lifestyle,women & family welfare,entertainment,quiz programs etc


As the apex national agency for youth development, the Institute strives to develop into a globally recognised and acclaimed centre of academic excellence in the field of youth development, fully responsive to the national agenda for inclusive growth, and the needs and aspirations of young people of the country to realise their potentials to create a just society. 


The Institute seeks to realise its Vision by:

  • Providing substantive inputs in the formulation of youth-related policies and in developing innovative programme initiatives that respond effectively to the needs and concerns of the young people of the country;
  • Developing professional capacity of all youth development agencies in the country - state-sponsored or voluntary organisations - through training and specialised services, such as: consultancies, and providing expertise and training materials for in-house training programmes;
  • Setting up a world-class and modern Resource Centre that will provide library and other related services and facilities to those involved in youth-related activities -   youth organisations, educational and training institutions, researchers, scholars, and young people 
  • Generating authentic and comprehensive primary and secondary data on all issues and matters that impact the life of the young people in the country through a systematic and extensive programme of action research and study;


The Institute Works to Co-operation on all Issues Related to Youth Development By:

  • Establishing productive and enduring relationship with international organisations engaged in youth-related activities; and with national youth development bodies of other countries, especially in the Asian region;
  • Organising joint programmes and projects that benefit young people across the globe;
  • Working to build consensus on youth-related issues;
  • Offering training, consistent with international standards and curriculum, to participants from other countries in youth development areas. 
  • Establishing and nurturing a national network of youth development agencies and promoting co-operation and collaboration among them;
  • Providing a forum to young people of the country and other involved organisations and individuals for dialogue, consultation, and exchange of views on matters and issues impacting the life of the young people in the country;
  • Developing necessary expertise and proficiency of the professional personnel of the Institute to make them active partners in establishing it as the centre of excellence in youth development. 


Objectives of RAGNA

  • To evolve as an Institute of advanced study in the field of youth development.
  • To undertake action and applied research
  • To empower youth to participate in inclusive development and nation building
  • To provide higher education in the field of youth development
  • To carry out policy research, evaluation and impact analysis of youth programmes
  • The Mandate of RAGNA

    1. To function as a Resource Agency and Think –Tank for youth programs, policies and implementation strategies.
    2. To develop multi-faceted – programmes for youth keeping in view of the social harmony and national unity as the ultimate objective
    3. To grow and develop as a facilitator and nodal agency for youth training, youth work, and youth development in the country for rural, urban  as well as tribal youth.
    4. To function as an Institute of advanced study in the field of youth and to develop such professional excellence as may be required for the purpose.
    5. To develop its programmes aimed at inculcating a sense of national pride, awareness of national goals and internalization of national values among the youth workers
    6. To develop new ideas and innovative programme for motivating and creating a committed cadre of youth workers and functionaries.
    7. To promote and conduct action and user based applied research and evaluation studies in youth development and through this provide necessary thrust to youth programmes on systematic and scientific lines.
    8. To function as Center for Information Publication and Documentation pertaining to youth Development
    9. To provide Institutional training for the personnel working in the field of youth
    10. To provide appropriate youth extension projects and services which can function as laboratory on youth work.
    11. To link its programmes and functions to the promotion of National Youth Policy.
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